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Our Services Include


Disease Management​

Understanding your diagnosis will help you play an active role managing your treatment for your chronic condition. We know some exacerbations can lead to hospitalization or unscheduled doctor visits; our goal is to provide a long-term medical treatment option that helps to reduce these exacerbations.
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Enteral Therapy​

A full line of enteral nutrition services for infants, pediatrics and adult patients is offered through an affiliate. Registered dietitians, nutritionists and medical coordinators will assist in managing enteral patients from the point of referral until the discontinuation of enteral therapy.
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Durable Medical Equipment​

Your recovery, health and comfort at home are our top priorities. American HomePatient™ offers a vast array of medical supplies to support your healthcare needs at home including Tracheostomy, Urological and Wound Care.
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Home INR Testing​

INR home testing allows patients to check their PT/INR levels in any location and at any time. This helps to decrease frequent visits to your provider's office. Through our affiliate with mdINR®, your provider will be able to monitor your results to make necessary changes.

Nebulizer Therapy​

Nebulizers—which aerosolize respiratory medications for direct deposition in the upper and lower airways help treat many diseases, including COPD and asthma.

Ventilator Therapy

Our ventilation program helps to give you independence. Our clinicians will work directly with your provider.
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Oxygen Therapy​

We know your lifestyle is unique. That is why our clinical staff prepares a plan of care for you. At American HomePatient™, we do not just provide oxygen supplies, we offer training and education so you can take an active role in your oxygen therapy at home. We tailor your care to your routine, illness, and preference consistent with your prescription or practitioner’s orders. We also offer 24/7 emergency support.


Our affiliated pharmacy serves cities and hometowns across America providing FDA-approved pharmaceuticals for your nebulizer through mail order.

Sleep Therapy ​

For over 25 years, American HomePatient™ has provided unbeatable value to people treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with unmatched customer service and therapy support. Shipping is free, including returns. Live customer service agents and Respiratory Therapists are available on the phone or at locations across the U.S. We provide a variety of CPAP devices to help you treat sleep apnea.
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Wound Care​

American HomePatient™ is proud to offer negative pressure wound therapy (wound vacs) along with a variety of wound dressings to promote healing. Our program includes industry standard pumps and supplies, expedited shipping, expert support, and nationwide coverage. Our team is here to provide 24/7 support to both caregivers and patients throughout the healing process.

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